Se busca Senior level Drupal Activist CoFounder Web App Developer(s),

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Wanted: Senior level Drupal Activist CoFounder Web App Developer(s), possible CTO title, PT OK to start, any location ok

Do you have a passion for creating highly innovative applications with simple, well documented, elegant code that could change the world—help in new and more powerful ways to win the battles for climate, economic, healthcare, democracy, criminal, and education justice?  If so, this is your opportunity.

WinWisely will be an open-source, US-based,  nonprofit, and free to activists mobile-friendly app in development (currently with a clickable demo, wireframe, most user stories, and alpha version already in app stores) that was created to answer the mother of all questions:

     How can climate, economic, social, healthcare and education justice campaigns in the next few months recruit,commit, and support/reward massively larger numbers of volunteers willing to do much bigger impact tasks to save the planet and democracy before it's too late?

To see our answer and find out more, first watch this 3 minute animation on the concept of Crowdacting (albeit applied to a more conservative strategy) plus our 10 min video demo, all at, and after that, go to for our one-pager and reviews from over 20 top organizers  and IT pros, which can also be read here ( )

Our Product Director Cofounder is based in Mexico, currently in Oaxaca.

improve (if possible) existing architecture

Implement bug-fixes and additional features

Communicate daily with our Project manager

Write good code and participate in weekly sprints

Provide realistic deadlines you can keep

Note: You can be based anywhere and work hours your prefer. However there may be times we will need to know you can work full time and this is your #1 priority (you are willing to put other clients on hold, at least for a short time)

Bottom line: You got lots of experience creating mobile friendly web-based apps. You therefore have a minimum 5-7 full-time post graduate years of engineering experience. For webapp developers: Your senior level experience and skills with Drupal also includes sufficient experience with  phonegap/cordova to be accepted and work well in app stores.

SPECIFICS mobile app skills (ask us). You also need to have very smart answer to the question of how do we avoid losing time having to re-engineer the Android if we have to reengineer the IOS (the main reason we are inclined to do web-based app, though we already have an IOS and Android coded alpha in the app stores now.)


Great communication skills: in particular quick to let us know any unmet needs you think we or any fellow team member could better meet, with specific suggestions for how to meet that need

Fluent or moderately fluent  in English speaking and comprehension (we can talk slowly)

Proof via sample apps or non tech volunteer experience we can verify of your commitment to fighting for climate, economic, healthcare, or education justice causes or the like

We have initially raised $4000-5000 (and working to raise more) and would have a milestones based contract with bonuses based on engineer experience, activist experience, track record, helpful contacts, etc. Our full-time Product Director cofounder has raised more than $1.5 in the past for progressive projects (mostly PBS investigative specials).

HOW TO APPLY via email to
1) Submit a resume, and be sure to include a cover letter, and a link to your GitHub profile if you have one.

2) Be sure the cover letter does the following:

> explains your motivation to want to work for us based on the ABOUT US/Our MIssion

> provides some evidence of your commitment to use technology for justice, evidence of your having strong activist (social conscience)

> bullet points your top skills and years employing that skill

WinWisely believes a diverse, inclusive staff makes us a stronger company and better partner for our clients. We’re committed to hiring people of all races, ethnicities, ages, sex, genders, sexual orientation or gender identities, marital status, religions, and disabilities. Women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and members of other minority or marginalized groups are encouraged to apply.